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19 August 2011 - 08:42 AM


I sent that email off to you a couple days ago.

I have another question though. I've noticed we are getting a lot of false positives of computers TNI thinks are online. Does TNI ping the IP address of a machine to judge whether it is online or not? Or does it use the hostname or something else for computers that were added via hostname?

When I scan one of these questionable computers it thinks is online it scans fine, and then the entry disapeers and then I'm assuming replaces or merges with another TNI entry.

I know for a fact TNI is not scanning the computers it shows is scanning, because those are systems we physically have with us and are off the network being prepaired for lease returns. Computers on our network keep their IP address for 14 days before it becomes available to another system, so if it's trying to connect via the IP address, that IP may no longer be accurate.

Some systems it grabs from active directory it has never scanned, because those computers are no longer on our network, however TNI says they are online. It supposably scans those items fine, and then the entry is either deleted or moved into something else, and it still says that device has never been scanned. (Which is accurate, because it's never been on our network since we've had TNI).

In summery, the issue is TNI is showing it's scanning devices that it can't possibly be scanning, and that it thinks devices are online that are not.

I have "Resolve network names" checked off within the scanner options.

Is it safe to assume that all the actual scanned information is still accurate due to the fact they rely on the mac address?

In Topic: A couple feature requests/bugs

16 August 2011 - 04:41 AM

Hi Zak,

The requested serial number can be found in:
Hardware > Bios Information > Serial Number

I already use it for asset focused table reports and found it to be quite accurate, with the obviouse exception of if a case had the motherboard switched out etc.

In Topic: A couple feature requests/bugs

12 August 2011 - 09:44 AM

Hi Zak,

Really apreciate the quick releases and updates you guys are pushing out. Your support is supperb. The program detected it couldn't get out and let me enter the proxy settings perfectly fine in this update, and I am able to connect to the server and see the release notes.

In my custom table reports, the system serial number field added to a software oriented report returns "Not Available" for the majority of our assets. Is it possible to request the ability to get the serial number from the processor instead?

I can confirm that at least Lenovo/IBM and Dell have the same serial numbers physically stamped on their chassis as they do for the processor.