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XP Home on workgroup using tniaudit.exe

14 July 2009 - 03:45 PM

Hi Folks,

Greetings. Like working with TNI. On trial now.

Most important immediate issue ... I would like to have TNI working nicely on the XP Home puters on the workgroup, since I have about 8 of 18 inherited that are in that world of difficulty and convolution. (I note that apparently XP Home puters also struggle in Active Domains, needing workarounds or OS changeovers.) Many, or most, of the network inventory software products do not make much of an effort to handle those puters in any sort of automated way and small business owners often acquired their computers before there was network administration considerations.

You have nicely in the FAQ:

"Though it is possible to scan XP Home locally by running the standalone audit tool "tniaudit.exe" (located in the program's installation folder) on that machine. It will generate an XML file which should be put to the "Data" folder of the program. This newly scanned computer can be added to the network tree by selecting "Tools - Refresh data storage folder" menu option."

Now .. does that mean that the local XP Home puters should actually do a full install of TNI .. or do you just set up the same couple of folders and add the tniaudit.exe file in the same place as on the base puter ? Either/or ? Is there an advantage to an install ? Have I missed some salient point ? Or do you simply put the .exe anywhere on the target XP Home system, where it will create the .xml in the same folder ?

Also, when this is done, will you have essentially full real-time integration ? (ie. Real-time as long as you hand-run the tniaudit.exe on the XP-Home puters after any significant updates to make a new .xml file). Or are there differences and lacks ?

Do you hand-carry (file xfer) the .xml file over to the main puter, or is that xfer automated ? Looking at what you write, a file transfer-over (not difficult, but a smidgen clunky if frequent) seems to be implied. Is that correct ?

Third question.

Does Total Network Monitor have any workarounds ? Or is this simply locked out ? This is not a big issue for me, I really am interested in the TNI at this time (till we go Active Directory in a year or so) however .. this is a good time to ask.

Thanks for your assistance.


Followup .. I just put the file "anywhere" and it creates the .xml in a "data" sub-folder, which I then copied over with Free Commander. So I think there is no intention for an install. The FAQ might want to be worded a bit more clearly. If there an automated "pick-up" possible ? That question stands, but the running and sending was very easy by hand.

Steven Avery